EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS…WHY? FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Extramarital affairs and infidelity have been a topic of discussion for centuries, and it remains a controversial and sensitive issue in society today. Infidelity refers to a violation of a committed relationship through a sexual or romantic relationship with someone other than one’s partner. It can have a profound impact on both individuals involved and the relationship itself, leading to feelings of betrayal, anger, and hurt. So when considering extra marital affairs…why?: One probably thinks there is only one kind of extramarital affair. In reality however there are at least 5 kinds. To better understand the different kinds and their foundation; one must read the article written by Kalpana Sharma in E[…]

WHY DO MARRIED PEOPLE USE TINDER? FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Dating apps have become an integral part of our lives. They provide a platform for people to connect with each other and potentially find love, friendship, or even just someone to casually date. While these apps were initially designed for single people looking for romantic partners, they are now used by a wider audience, including those who are not single. But why do married people use Tinder? REASONS MOST OFTEN PROVIDED ENTERTAINMENT One of the main reasons why non-single people use dating apps is for entertainment. Many people who are in committed relationships or married use these apps for fun, without any intention of actually meeting up with anyone.[…]

FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER ETHICS-MONOGAMY AND TINDER The ethics of monogamy and the use of dating apps like Tinder have been widely debated in recent years. On one hand, monogamy is often considered to be the cornerstone of committed relationships. It is seen as an important aspect of a healthy and stable partnership. On the other hand, the rise of dating apps like Tinder has made it easier for individuals to engage in casual relationships. Many people question whether monogamy is still relevant in today’s society. So lets take a closer look at Ethics-Monogamy And Tinder. BENEFITS OF MONOGAMY The argument in favor of monogamy is the belief that it provides a sense of security, stability, and commitment in[…]

CASUAL SEX AND MENTAL HEALTH FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Casual sex is defined as sexual activity between two people who are not in a committed romantic relationship. It has become increasingly common in recent years, particularly among young adults. However, despite its popularity, there are concerns about its impact on mental health. This article will examine the relationship between casual sex and mental health, exploring both the positive and negative effects. In her article on the subject, Sara Vanbuskirk provides a complete view of this matter. However following we present an easy to read short but comprehensive summary. POSITIVE The positive effects of casual sex on mental health include increased self-esteem and a boost in mood. For some individuals,[…]

FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER WHY USE TINDER? Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, and for good reason. With over 50 million active users, the app has helped countless people find love, friendship, and even casual hookups.  So is that why use Tinder? But what sets Tinder apart from other dating apps and makes it so favored among its users? Vanity Fair published an article by Nancy Jo Sales, where she presents quotes from real people who use Tinder, and why they use it. It is a fun article which makes it pretty clear. One of the main reasons people love using Tinder is its simplicity. The app is easy to use and navigate,[…]

IF THEY LOVE WHY CHEAT? FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER The topic of infidelity is a complex and emotionally charged one. Do they really love you? if they love you why cheat? it can leave you feeling hurt, confused, and unsure of what to do next. One of the most common questions people ask themselves when they learn their partner is cheating is, “Do they really love me if they’re doing this?” The answer to this question is not a simple one, as it depends on a variety of factors. First, it’s important to understand that people cheat for a variety of reasons. Some people cheat because they’re unhappy in their current relationship and they’re looking for something more. Others[…]

CHEATING ON YOU? FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Infidelity is a painful and difficult experience for anyone to go through. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, it can be a confusing and overwhelming time. However, there are certain signs that you can look for to determine if your partner is indeed being unfaithful. While in this story we only included 7 of the reasons why, you can see in Lachlan Brown’s article up to 20 ways (1) of how to tell if they are cheating on you. CHANGES 3. In their schedule: If your partner starts working longer hours or starts taking more business trips, it may be a sign that they’re using that time to[…]

WHY DO MARRIED MEN USE TINDER FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Tinder is a popular dating app that allows users to connect with potential partners in their area. It is not uncommon for married individuals to also use the app. This can be a confusing and controversial topic. Many people assume that someone who is married, should not be looking for romantic connections outside of their marriage. But, there are many reasons why men who are married choose to use Tinder. To find out why read the article that Bahkti Paun Sharma wrote ; where real men tell us why they use Tinder. NOT HAPPY? One reason why men who are married might use Tinder is because they are unhappy[…]

THE DATING REVOLUTION FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER It is not just impressive but downright alarming how our effort to find a mate has undergone a dating revolution over just the last 50 years. Not to say the last 70 years. Matter of fact is that the greatest change has happened in the last 10 years. A quick stroll down memory lane.  Back in time in the early 1900’s dating required that the man ask permission to date the daughter, get the ok, and then be accompanied by a chaperone.  Can you imagine that? LONG TIME AGO IN THE 20’S A little later I the 20’s and because the coming off the car; came the beginning of the modern date.[…]

PROSTITUTION IN SOCIAL MEDIA AND DATING APPS. FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Times have changed, and even the sometimes called “oldest profession”, has gone digital through social media. Yes, prostitution in social media and dating Apps., are now inexorably linked. Couples run the risk of infidelity, of which there are many forms. On occasion, couples will fracture because of a “third” in discord. But on other occasions it happens because one pays for sex. The “oldest profession in the world”; continues to grow, but now that you no longer have to go to the streets or a brothel, it is now easier. Sounds ugly but now you can have a catalogue online in Tinder, Facebook and elsewhere.  COULD YOUR MATE[…]