5 Ways to Catch a Partner That’s Cheating on Snapchat (And What to Do About It)

Since the release of the Snapchat in 2011, it has become a worldwide sensation, with more than 400 million people using the phone app daily. But many people are cheating on Snapchat.

One of the most favoured Snapchat functions is its “disappearing messages”. When a user sends a private snap (either a picture or video message), they can determine how long the message can be viewed by the recipient. The window for viewing can last anywhere between one second and 10 seconds.

Many users enjoy this function because it allows them to send silly photos or videos that they wouldn’t want to permanently post to other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Unfortunately, however, this capability makes Snapchat a prime tool for those who have a tendency to be unfaithful.

Thus, it is important for individuals who are in a relationship to be aware of how people use the Snapchat app for cheating, and become familiar with behavior that could indicate their partner is being deceptive.

Below are five hints your partner could be Snapchat cheating:

They Have a Longstanding Snap Streak with Someone You Don’t Know

When two Snapchat users send videos to one another within 24 hours for a minimum of three days in a row, it is referred to as a “snap streak”. If your partner engages frequently with another Snapchatter, it could be a sign their interest is more than just platonic. Especially since they could be using other methods of communication (like texting, for example) that doesn’t involve sending video footage. It is a good idea to check if he/she has any on-going snap streaks if you suspect something is amiss.

Their Snap Map is Showing Unusual Activity

Snap Map is a mobile phone technology that was developed by Snapchat. It allows Snapchat users to see where any of their Snapchat connections are, in real time, on an interactive map. In order to view where a friend is on Snap Map, they have to agree to sharing their location. This can be tricky for those who suspect their partner has been sending cheating snaps. If your partner declines to share their location, it could be an indication that they have something to hide.

If they do agree to share, it can be a great way to clear the air and establish the truth.

An Unfamiliar Contact Has Emojis Next to Their Name

Snapchat uses an Emoji system to identify the contacts a user interacts with most. Reviewing the emojis next to the names of your partner’s Snapchat contacts, will help to determine of suspicious behavior.

This is a tried-and-true method that many people use when wondering how to catch someone cheating on Snapchat. A red heart emoji indicates that your partner and that contact have been frequently messaging for two weeks or more.

If you think your significant other is Snapchat cheating, the red heart is most effective way to discovery.

They Spend an Excessive Amount of Time on Snapchat

All smartphones track how much battery is being used by a specific app. You can check this by going to the Settings menu, and then tapping the “Battery” option. Battery life is also a likely a sign because the app. uses a lot of battery.

If your partner is being deceitful, they may delete conversations or even change their password regularly. But it is highly unlikely they will check their battery settings, making this a worthwhile tactic to try.

You Know They Use Snapchat, But When You Check, There’s Nothing There

It’s no secret that Snapchat deletes messages after a specific amount of time. They may consistently use the app, yet when you log in there are few contacts or any active messages. This could be a sign that they only snap when you aren’t around. Instead they let messages go stagnant when there is a chance you catch them.

The an app called Dumpster , can collect deleted snaps, along with deleted files and messages from other social media apps.

Bad news for Iphone users, though, because Dumpster is currently only available on Android devices.

But if your partner uses an Android, downloading the Dumpster app to their phone and enabling backups from Snapchat is an ultra-sneaky way to find out once and for all if anything shady is going down.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to find out who your boyfriend is snapchatting (or girlfriend, fiance, husband, wife— no one is exempt!), you now officially have the answer to your question!

Remember, if you have reason to believe your significant other is Snapchat cheating, it is highly likely they have used other apps and platforms too. Tinder is one of the most-used cheating apps, with up to 25 percent of people in committed relationships having an active Tinder account.

Tracking Tinder use via Cheaterbuster is one of the best ways to catch a cheater that’s using phone apps to do their dirty work. If you have a gut feeling something suspicious is happening within your relationship, download Cheaterbuster today!