Facebook and Jealousy

FACEBOOK & JEALOUSY FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Jealousy is strong/damaging and is often provoked in Facebook. Trust is essential to develop a satisfactory, intimate, and solid loving relationship. And mistrust makes you vulnerable. You can be yourself If you are certain you will not be hurt or betrayed. A factor that leads to a happy relationship; and helps to resolve eventual conflicts; is to be certain of your mate.  The best way to build trust in a relationship, is to have open communication. Being open will pave the way to a bipartisan solution; avoiding the alternatives which may include having to hide things from the other. DO YOU TRUST HIM/HER? A study published by the “American Psychological Association” (1),[…]


THE TELL-TELL SIGNS HE/SHE IS………NOT FAITHFUL FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER One of the principal axes of a relationship is fidelity. Things will never be the same again, when Fidelity is broken he/she is not faithful. Each case really depends on the people involved.  Be aware of the consequences. Are we more and more unfaithful? Some studies indicate that as a society we are ever more susceptible to being unfaithful, and this is especially true for women. However, for decades we thought women were more likely to not betray their partners. According to research in the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey (1), published in the magazine The Atlantic; “40% more women have been unfaithful to their husbands, than they[…]

THE MOST UNFAITHFUL GENERATION FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER All along the existence of the Human Race on this planet, the only constant has been change.  Technological changes have marked all generations. And they have also been affected the way we perceive things. The ways which we address situations, have changed significantly from generation to generation. And as far as faithfulness in a relationship, this has also wavered to a point we can today determine who is most unfaithful. BABY BOOMERS-THE MOST UNFAITHFUL GENERATION We owe a great deal to the Baby Boomers. They are ones who went out of their way working hard so that today things are in relative order. To get there, they sacrificed many hours of[…]

CHEATING IS EASIER?…TINDER…34% OF USERS ARE MARRIED! FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Dating applications have been successful because they facilitate the task of social interaction, and they make cheating easier.  They reduce the time between a yes or no, and they also allow you to know somewhat about the other person before the first encounter. Among the more popular applications for this endeavor is “Tinder”, which by the way makes cheating easier. Tinder was born in 2012 with the purpose of getting to a relationship (of any kind), with people close to you.  Last year they had an estimated 75 million users around the world as it is available in 90 countries and 40 languages. According to “Business of Apps”[…]

the tinder swindler

THE TINDER SWINDLER…..LOVE AND MONEY FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER How likely is it that you are messaging with a hustler on Tinder? The Profile You can be talking with a master of deceit.  The system has its faults, even with a “verified identity”. The “NETFLIX” series exemplifies just how faulty the system is.  If you ever end up in a situation like this, the consequences go well beyond a break-up.  You will lose money or worse. If you haven´t seen the series, we´ll put you in context.  Simon Leviev appeared a successful, and wealthy man searching for love in Tinder.  His profile pictured him always surrounded by luxury. He agreed with his “matches” a face-to-face meeting at the start. […]

Gays and Lesbians are Faithful

GAYS AND LESBIANS ARE FAITHFUL? Infidelity is present every day, at any time, and everywhere, and people make mistakes notwithstanding their preferences.  Some people see an easy out by being unfaithful and hoping not to be discovered. Infidelities not only take away our peace and happiness, because in most cases are the cause of an ended relationship. Statistics paint the reap picture, and right now in this very moment, an infidelity is taking place. Why are humans Unfaithful? There are many theories as to why humans are unfaithful.  Some mention that just the fact one is human we are by nature not sexually monogamous.  Of all mammals, monogamy is only present in about 10% of the species. Birds, however, are[…]

Nationality and Infidelity

NATIONALITY AND INFIDELITY We live in society and generally must practice monogamy. However more and more we face a situation that is apparently growing.  The situation is cheating. Does nationality have anything to do with infidelity? There are many definitions of infidelity, and many variations of it. It is complex as everyone has their own idea of what it means to cheat on their partner. Wonder if geography has anything to do with it? Is it society that helps? Or is it that society points us on the road to not being faithful? In her article, “Infidelity When, Where, and Why” Helen E. Fisher indicates “Polygamy is permitted in 84% of human societies”. “But in the great majority of these[…]

Curb infidelity

DID THE PANDEMIC CURB INFIDELITY?……..NO The COVID 19 pandemic is an event no one expected. No one that is, except a very few and Bill Gates. He warned us but no one listened. We can see it in his video on “TED2015 video”. It Was Not the Same Life appeared normal until and little by little, more and more alerts are activated. This was how couples, and families had to learn how to get along 24/7 inside the confines of their homes. Might sound wonderful for vacation time. But this imposition began to turn difficult.  Jobs were lost, fights broke out, and infidelities came to light. As written by Carter Sherman in Vice Magazine. The pandemic made it so the[…]

Manager flirting with his coworker

“CO WORKING AFFAIR” Be it before or after the “Pandemic” and notwithstanding your profession; you have certainly had a job that required working 7 hours or more.  You get home exhausted and certainly not in the mood to go out with your partner; and at times not even to share how it went at work that day. Little by little your relationship begins to wear down and co working affairs begin. But what happens during lunch at work?  A coworker friend asks out for coffee, or lunch.  Conversations begin and after a time, you discover that both have the same complaints about the boss; his/her personality is pleasant; you even worry about the same things. As the outings become more[…]

cheating man photo

Cyber and Infidelity. While some people worry only that their spouse or partner do not cheat on them at work, they may not perceive that their partner spends a great deal of time on the phone or on-line. Could they be suffering from virtual/cyber infidelity? According to an article published in “The UK Times” (1); Gian Ettore Gassani, the president of the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers stated that messages found in the application “WhatsApp” are used as evidence in 40% of the divorce cases in Italy. “Time Magazine” published an article by James J. Sexton Esq.; a successful divorce lawyer; who suggests that Facebook “is the single greatest breeding ground for infidelity” (2). He goes on to describe why[…]