ADULTERY’S TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES………… ON FAMILY FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER We will now present a synopsis of adultery and its terrible consequences on family and especially on the children. ADULTERY IS NOT VICTIMLESS In his article, Abe Kass (1) of 5 Negative effects Adultery has on a Family, summarizes the most important impacts of adultery. The partner is not the only victim. The cheater always has an excuse for their behavior.  No excuse is valid; whether it is that sex is not good, poor communication, spends too much, is irresponsible, is controlling, etc.… the only one responsible is the cheater. Thereby all family members are hurt; notwithstanding it is obviously undeserving. No one has anything to gain. There is only[…]

FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER SURVIVE INFIDELITY? Dealing with Infidelity is Challenging because of the tortuous thoughts that come once the affair is over. These are the kick-off words of Abe Kass (1) in his article on the subject.  Believe it or not, infidelity is a relationship.  It is one that will hurt everyone involved. The entire family, the children and even the extended family suffer. To survive infidelity poses a major challenge to everyone. However, the one most damaged is the partner, who in the end is the main surviving victim. When you start a love relationship, there is an understanding that neither will become intimately involved with another person. When this understanding is broken, you are shattered in[…]

CHEAT AND GET EVEN FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER You have been in a relationship for a long time, and perhaps it is monotonous. But you love that person and despite the difficulties you are still together. At some point when the relationship was about to burst; you decided to confess that you had not been totally honest with him/her. With a knot in your throat, and with the fear that it could all end, you decide to tell them you were unfaithful.  It is at the most critical moment when there is no turning back. What you did will either make the couple stronger, or it will break. It is here when such a transgression happens, that the victim[…]

CHEATING WITHIN THE EXTENDED FAMILY FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER A subject not usually addressed and not many statistics available, but cheating within the extended family is real. Whether it be a cousin, an in-law, a brother-siter of your partner, a stepsister/stepbrother, and so on. While apparently rare it is not as rare as one might think. Abe Kass published in Psych Central (1) published that “husbands do sleep with sisters-in-law; wives sleep with brothers-in-law; and cousins, nieces, nephews and other relatives are physically and emotionally drawn to extended family members”. Infidelity when discovered is messy but this is a situation significantly more devastating than any of the other of its nature. Try to imagine that your partner slept with[…]

ONCE A CHEATER ALMOST ALWAYS………. A CHEATER FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Humans are social beings and of many customs. That is why when we are in a long-term relationship, and our partner has been unfaithful to us, we prefer to forgive and continue. Why continue the relationship just because we are used to it?; Perhaps it is best to begin by going separate ways and starting from scratch. We have just too many things we put on the scale, before terminating our relationship. Among others are; losing stability, having to find another mate, hoping they are what they seem to be, having to deal with the cost of life without the help of your partner, the cost of the[…]

Facebook and Jealousy

FACEBOOK & JEALOUSY FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Jealousy is strong/damaging and is often provoked in Facebook. Trust is essential to develop a satisfactory, intimate, and solid loving relationship. And mistrust makes you vulnerable. You can be yourself If you are certain you will not be hurt or betrayed. A factor that leads to a happy relationship; and helps to resolve eventual conflicts; is to be certain of your mate.  The best way to build trust in a relationship, is to have open communication. Being open will pave the way to a bipartisan solution; avoiding the alternatives which may include having to hide things from the other. DO YOU TRUST HIM/HER? A study published by the “American Psychological Association” (1),[…]


THE TELL-TELL SIGNS HE/SHE IS………NOT FAITHFUL FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER One of the principal axes of a relationship is fidelity. Things will never be the same again, when Fidelity is broken he/she is not faithful. Each case really depends on the people involved.  Be aware of the consequences. Are we more and more unfaithful? Some studies indicate that as a society we are ever more susceptible to being unfaithful, and this is especially true for women. However, for decades we thought women were more likely to not betray their partners. According to research in the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey (1), published in the magazine The Atlantic; “40% more women have been unfaithful to their husbands, than they[…]

THE MOST UNFAITHFUL GENERATION FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER All along the existence of the Human Race on this planet, the only constant has been change.  Technological changes have marked all generations. And they have also been affected the way we perceive things. The ways which we address situations, have changed significantly from generation to generation. And as far as faithfulness in a relationship, this has also wavered to a point we can today determine who is most unfaithful. BABY BOOMERS-THE MOST UNFAITHFUL GENERATION We owe a great deal to the Baby Boomers. They are ones who went out of their way working hard so that today things are in relative order. To get there, they sacrificed many hours of[…]

CHEATING IS EASIER?…TINDER…34% OF USERS ARE MARRIED! FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Dating applications have been successful because they facilitate the task of social interaction, and they make cheating easier.  They reduce the time between a yes or no, and they also allow you to know somewhat about the other person before the first encounter. Among the more popular applications for this endeavor is “Tinder”, which by the way makes cheating easier. Tinder was born in 2012 with the purpose of getting to a relationship (of any kind), with people close to you.  Last year they had an estimated 75 million users around the world as it is available in 90 countries and 40 languages. According to “” the application[…]

the tinder swindler

THE TINDER SWINDLER…..LOVE AND MONEY FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER How likely is it that you are messaging with a hustler on Tinder? The Profile You can be talking with a master of deceit.  The system has its faults, even with a “verified identity”. The “NETFLIX” series exemplifies just how faulty the system is.  If you ever end up in a situation like this, the consequences go well beyond a break-up.  You will lose money or worse. If you haven´t seen the series, we´ll put you in context.  Simon Leviev appeared a successful, and wealthy man searching for love in Tinder.  His profile pictured him always surrounded by luxury. He agreed with his “matches” a face-to-face meeting at the start. […]