Exposing Cheaters

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There’s actually several ways cheaters are exposed online these days. I think before getting into the nitty gritty of how to expose cheaters online, we need to define who is a cheater? What is cheating? This may be harder than it seems. There’s some obvious cases for example, as pointed out by Dana Weiser, assistant professor at Texas Tech, in Women’s Health US explained: “If a person is in a non-monogamous relationship, being sexually involved with someone else is not infidelity”. Well duh, yes there are people in open relationships where there is an explicit agreement that “anything goes”. But how about for the rest of us? What is cheating? And how does one expose cheaters online?

Well the one thing we can all agree on is that there is a spectrum of types of cheating. These can range from being intimate with someone outside your relationship, to having online conversations with someone. Some might consider that cheating as well.

According to several experts who spoke to Women’s Health there are 5 general types of cheating.

  1.     Cheating Physically

This is the most obvious type and cause for most divorces. While it can range from kissing to all out sexual intercourse, most couples agree that any physical contact with a sexual intent is cheating.

  1.     Mental Cheating

According to the experts it’s very normal to fantasize sexually about attractive people. This can happen to people that are both in a relationship or single.

However, when these daydreams begin to shift into behavioral patterns. This can include things such as striking conversations with the target of your fantasies. Or it could be going somewhere just to bump into them. This is when experts say a line into the cheating arena is being crossed.

  1.     Emotional Cheating

This is one of the most subjectives types of cheating. Having romantic feelings for someone else will be cheating depending on the intensity of these feelings. Since feelings are not quantifiable, it will be hard to determine where the cheating “line” might be.

The real defining factor for emotional cheating, and the only one that can produce a black and white answer is whether someone takes action towards those romantic feelings.

  1.     Secret spending

Among the 5 categories laid out by experts they include “secret spending”. According to relationship therapist Max Lundquist, hiding your spending habits from your partner is thought of by some people as being a type of infidelity.

This is a form of selfishness towards the “team” aspect of the relationship, and is quite common among troubled couples.

  1.     Secret activity on social media platforms

The fifth and most relevant to us would be, yes you guessed it, online cheating! And we happen to be experts on this matter, so we will expand further.

Experts say that there are two types of online cheating. The first one being implicitly sexual for example, you keep liking posts from former lovers. And the second one being explicitly sexual, whether you chat with people on Instagram or dating apps such as Tinder.

Sites exposing “physical” cheaters

So how are cheaters exposed for each one of these types of cheating. Let’s start with “physical” cheaters. There are websites that actually collect this information from users and make it public. Making a website to post cheaters, while it may sound like a good idea, it’s not. It actually ends up being a perfect storm for hate mongering, unsubstantiated rumors, and public attacks between people.

As the article describes, the mentioned cheating women website is a nest of women-on-women hate. Let’s face it, this is the internet, and this type of public forum usually ends up in users aggravating other users. Even if it’s a cheating guys website chances are the content being posted is questionable and mainly focuses on attacking someone who may or may not have done anything wrong.

There is also the statistical problem. Say you want to find out if your husband is on Tinder or chances are, you’re asking yourself, ‘is she on Tinder’? Chances are, by far, that no one will post about them since not enough people are aware of these sites. Also most likely if you are the person being cheated on, it would be you to use the report cheaters website and maaaybe the next person he or she dates will benefit from your post.

Most of these sites are for people who want to know dirt on someone else, but they don’t really work for most people. That is unless of course you happen to be dating a serial cheater who has cheated enough to be mentioned in websites that expose cheaters.

So that’s the story for physical cheating and sites that expose cheaters. How about emotional and mental cheating? Well that’s a tough one. Unless you could access your better half’s thoughts and feelings you are completely out of luck catching a cheater, let alone finding them among cheaters exposed on the internet.

How to Expose Online Cheaters

This brings us to the final type of cheating according to experts, secret activity on social media platforms. This is obviously where a Tinder cheating app comes in handy. You have several options on social media. You can go into their Facebook account, go into their Instagram DM’s, and for that you need access to their phone of course. Some people feel like that is too much of an invasion, especially if the partner has done nothing wrong. Also chances are if they are in fact chatting with someone behind your back that they will delete those conversations, so anyone would have to check multiple times to wait for the right moment to catch them.


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