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Researching Tinder?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re doing some research into the Tinder App – how it works, how it might work for you.  Maybe you are new to the omnipresent dating app scene, and need some more information before proceeding. Seemingly new phenomenon, online dating  has been around for roughly 20 years. Many of us are still newbies and the idea of putting so much personal information into one app is daunting. So, how do Tinder and Facebook work together?

The people behind Tinder wanted to a platform where people feel comfortable connecting with others; that they know want to connect with them. It filled a gap where people, who did not previously know each other got connected. This is much easier than being introduced to people already within their social circle.

How To Set Up Your Tinder Account

For those of you who are completely uninitiated we’ll take a quick look at how to set up your Tinder account. Once you have downloaded the very user-friendly Tinder app, you create your account. The easiest way is by using your Facebook account . This is how Tinder & Facebook work together; (where you already have your own personal platform with photos and interests being shared). Creating your profile and bio can also be done easily through your Facebook profile. The profile will automatically fill in your personal details. Once set-up, Tinder login with Facebook makes access quick and easy.

When your account has been set up; you have your personalized card with your name, photo, and other personal information This can now be seen by potential matches. You are also shown the personal cards of people in your area.  Thus you can now choose to like (right swipe on the screen, or not, left swipe) based on the information you see.  When you get a match, you decide if you want to take things further or not. You can see the personal information that the other person has shared. Now you make the choice privately and without the other person knowing; that you may have rejected them (left swipe). Tinder and Facebook acting as the perfect cupid of the modern world!

So Why Use Facebook?

Now that you’ve seen the basics of Tinder you might wonder “Why does Tinder use Facebook”? The answer is pretty simple. I is the easiest and safest way. Tinder, by using Facebook, has instant access to your photos and personal data, age, sex, preferences etc. And Facebook verifies user accounts, which means that in some way there is some amount of protection.

Tinder and Facebook Work Together

How does Tinder work with Facebook?  By automatically connecting your Tinder and Facebook profiles it makes the whole process easy, convenient, and with one less password to worry about! However, not everyone wants their families or anyone else, they share cyberspace with, to know that they are looking for love on Tinder.

While online dating has certainly become mainstream and it is recognized and well established as the new way to meet potential partners, you might feel uneasy about sharing personal information because of the nature of your work. If, for example, you are a teacher, you are in a rather social-sensitive position and therefore may not feel comfortable knowing that your private life is out there for anyone to see. This is one of the downsides of how Tinder & Facebook work together to set up your Tinder account. But  recently, it was the only way to set it up. It was marketed as a “safe” option, where profiles could be verified, even though, in reality, people could always set up false Facebook accounts.  

But Things Are Changing

This has changed. Users can now set up their Tinder account using a telephone number. Instead of going through Facebook, you just use your telephone number. It will be verified by an sms message before you can complete your registration. This seems like much  better option for people who do not want to have their photos taken from social media sites like Facebook.   It is also an option for people who do not have a Facebook account and who do not wish to set one up.

Another option if you are worried about Tinder matching with your facebook friends is for you to click on the settings options on your Facebook page. By changing some of the options to more private settings you will be able to avoid mixing Tinder and Facebook friends and embarrassing situations.

Its Easy

The ease of how Tinder and Facebook work together makes it all so simple. Online dating is opened to people of all ages and all walks of life. With one swipe the combined forces of Tinder and Facebook have opened up a whole new dating world. Curious in a more in depth look into how Tinder works? Wondering if you can reconnect with previous Tinder connections? Check our blog to learn more and find a Tinder profile with Cheaterbuster today!