Online Cheating: What Is It, Really?

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It goes by many names: online cheating, cyber cheating, and even online infidelity for those who prefer a more delicate term. No matter which way you look at it, the advent of the internet and online dating sites have created a very specific brand of cheating. And it is rapidly becoming more common in today’s world.

The National Institute of Health defines online cheating as “…a romantic and/or sexual relationship with someone other than the spouse, which begins with an online contact and is maintained mainly through electronic conversations that occur through e-mail and chat rooms.”

So in simpler terms for busy people, the concept straddles the lines between relatively harmless online flirting and a full-blown affair. Many folks find it hard to decide whether cheating on line is really cheating at all. This, even though it causes the same deep and painful inter-relationship issues as the “regular” kind.

The recent boom in mobile tech has created the perfect environment for this sordid practice to flourish. Any married or coupled person with a smartphone or tablet can be flicking their way through Tinder’s newest hotties in a matter of minutes. But luckily, it is just as easy to catch these cheaters with the right help from us at Cheaterbuster.

Is Cybersex Cheating? What the Experts Say

If you suspect an online cheating spouse, you’ve probably wondered, ‘is online cheating really cheating?’  Well, we’re here to tell you that it absolutely is; and we have countless experts on our side to back this up!

A recent survey by Deseret News discovered that while over 75% of Americans believe that sexual intimacy with another person constitutes cheating. But there is a lot more confusion about digital forms of contact. As an example, only around 50% of those surveyed consider sexting to be a form of infidelity. And even fewer thought that Tinder flirting or sending out the occasional naughty pic to be any kind of transgression.

With that said, sex educator, researcher, and therapist Laura Berman PhD is convinced that online cheating husbands and wives deserve their own category entirely.  While sexual infidelity needs physical contact and emotional infidelity requires you to rely emotionally on someone other than your spouse with no intimacy involved, she said, cyber cheating is in a class all of its own. She was also very clear that its mental and emotional impacts on the person being cheated on are still very real.

According to Berman, online cheating tends to stem from a tendency to thrill-seeking.  There are millions of folks out there getting a kick out of sending a racy pic or text to a stranger on a public network or a dating app like Tinder. She  believes that it is tied to a sense of power. Anonymity of the internet makes many cheaters feel that they are above consequence for their actions.

Another opinion…

Here’s another expert with an answer to the ‘Is cybersex considered cheating?’ conundrum. Stacy Kaiser, is a licensed psychotherapist and relationship columnist for USA Today. She is positive that an illusion of privacy fuels many online affairs.

Everyone is easily available online. This includes old flames and friends of friends, not to mention thousands of sexy strangers posing flirtatiously for beach photos in their profile pics.  Many relationship-bound individuals find themselves extremely curious; no matter how happy they are in their current situations. Kaiser also added that while many affairs begin as harmless online flirting, the instant gratification element can quickly lead to slip-ups that lead down a very slippery slope indeed.

Whatever the dynamics, sex and relationship experts across the globe are united in their opinion that cyber cheating has an unbelievably negative impact not only on peoples’ marriages, and everyday lives. But on their emotional and mental well-being as well. Sitting and stressing yourself out for weeks over whether or not your partner is actually being unfaithful to you is a soul-destroying thing. And especially if you can find out ‘is he on Tinder?’  So why not find out now rather than later: (or ‘how to catch a cheating woman?’!) in minutes using our app’s ability to find Tinder profiles.

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Still conflicted about where internet cheating fits in the grand spectrum of unfaithfulness? It goes without saying that our team, international relationship experts, and countless other victims of cyber cheating are all in agreement: Cheating on line is simply not on!