Swipebuster is now!

Hi guys, first of all we are sorry if you couldn’t find us. We had a rebrand which included changing our site, layout, content and URL. We had to do this rebrand in order to keep offering you our service and along with it we will be launching new stuff we are sure you will love! So the answer to your question, is Swipebuster down? Is a resounding NO! What’s happened to Swipebuster? Does Swipebuster still work? Where is the Swipebuster login?

The answers to all those questions is the same, Swipebuster (or swipe buster as some people call us)  is now new and improved!

If you have any questions our new email is [email protected], but in the meantime I will answer a few that we have had come up.

-Is the service exactly the same?
Yes, when you login to your account you will notice the service remains untouched.

-Can I access my Swipe buster account?
Yes login using your credentials, if you have any issues please click on My Account, Forgot Password? Or email us for any further questions.

-Why did you change your name?
We think Cheaterbuster is a much better name than Swipebuster (Swipe buster) to reflect what we want you to achieve, and will align with our mission best.

-Will the Swipebuster address ever come back?
No as you can see the Swipebuster address is not reachable and will not be coming back any time soon, we are truly sorry for any confusion this might have caused. Cheaterbuster is here to stay.

-What are the new features you guys are adding?
Well we can refer you to our blog where we will announce any upcoming features, if you want we can catch up.

-Does the new website work on mobile?
Absolutely, Cheaterbuster is exactly the same as Swipebuster (Swipe buster) in terms of responsiveness, along with some interface changes that we think you will find very useful.

-How can I pay?
You can use your credit card or Paypal account to pay. All Visa, Master Card or Amex cards are accepted.

-Are there any free alternatives to Swipebuster, or Cheaterbuster?
There are alternatives that are more expensive and tbh don’t have the technology that we have acquired over time. You can try any alternatives and tell us how it went, we will be happy to see your reaction when you use our service instead 🙂

So if you are wondering if Swipebuster is down, or what happened to Swipebuster, now you know! Swipebuster still work it is just now called