Explained: What Are Common Connections & 2nd Connections on Tinder?

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How Much do you Know About Tinder?

How au fait are you with Tinder, the world-famous dating app with millions of users worldwide? Although its name might be a major buzzword on everyone’s lips, this doesn’t automatically mean that everyone is well-versed therein. In fact, even to many of its users, some of its most crucial features are something of a mystery.

Tinder, like most other apps on the market today, has specialized lingo to explain its ins and outs. With that said, though, if you’re wondering ‘how Tinder works’?’ more and more these days, a better understanding of the app is essential in your quest.

There are so many unique terms flying around nowadays that it’s hard to keep track sometimes, too. You’ve probably heard of ‘Tinder 2nd connection’ or ‘common connections’ somewhere along the line, and asked yourself, “what does common connections mean on tinder?” ?  Life is full of challenges already, so we’re here to demystify it for you. Read on for our handy insider guide to Tinder connections and all of their nuances!

Understanding the App

So, what does common connections mean on Tinder? In order for us to explain the term properly, we’ll have to delve into how the app works. Here’s the basics. Whenever a user connects their Facebook profile to Tinder, the latter app will gain and store some basic user information. Using this info, Tinder then filters mutually interested users, showing their profiles to one another.

These filters depend on numerous things, too. They include the number of mutual friends two people have, their geographical locations, and their common interests. From there, an app user will see specific profile pictures of others who have similar interests or are based near to them. As for whether or not they’ll send them a message, that’s up to each individual alone.

What Are Connections on Tinder?

Connections on the smash-hit dating app are tied into a specific built-in feature. Essentially, the Common Connections feature allows users to see if they share a mutual Facebook friend with a match, which is commonly known as a ‘first degree connection’.

The world is a small place, so almost everyone will stumble across a connection on Tinder at some point. People who travel, move to new places often, or have hundreds of friends are most likely to have more Tinder connections, but it can happen to absolutely anyone in theory. Sometimes, it’s simply the luck of the draw.

Naturally, in a normal, healthy setting, these common connections provide a great basis for interesting conversation. However, if your partner is manipulating this system in order to cheat online, then that’s where a Tinder cheating app like Cheaterbuster really comes in handy!

Explaining 2nd Connections on Tinder

So, we’ve explained what is a common connection on Tinder – now for 2nd connections! Thankfully, the concept is just as simple as traditional common connections Tinder, just with a slight difference. When a user and one of their matches have two separate friends that happen to also be friends with each other, this is dubbed a second degree connection, or simply a ‘Tinder 2nd connection’.

When asking the question ‘Is she on Tinder?’ or “is he on Tinder?”, you must also consider whether your beau has mutual friends on the dating app as well. Knowing the same people as a match can leave the door open for closer conversations, more common ground between them, and can even make it easier for them to meet each other in person.

In Common

Studies have even shown that dating app users are more likely to send others a message if they have something in common. Mutual friends are particularly pertinent here, as they’re often tied into a similar region or home town. From there, temptation could even rear its ugly head….

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