Secrets of Tinder: The Exclusive Celeb Dating App

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If you’re a regular Tinder user (or you suspect that your partner might be using it behind your back!), you’ve no doubt heard rumors about the secret version of the dating app reserved only for the richest, most famous, and hottest members of society. Well, we’re here to tell you that the rumors are actually true. There is indeed a celebrity-only, exclusive version of the dating app that millions love. Enter Tinder Select.

Tinder Select the secret version of the classic app has many benefits for those who are lucky enough to be on it. It significantly increases the odds of match-making working in their favor, and also boosts their odds of meeting some of the platform’s most eligible members based on the level of interest users show in their profiles. If you’re trying to picture celebrity Tinder, think of an app packed with supermodels, actors, millionaires and wealthy VIPs. It’s not hard to see why so many people want in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

While Tinder Select is aimed mainly at these VIPs, it is possible for everyday users to score a coveted invitation. Of course, this is more complicated than it may seem. Luckily, we’re here to tell you how it works – and how one can increase their chances of getting in too. On the other hand, if you’re already suspecting your significant other of being a secret Tinder member, then our Tinder profile search app is here to help too!

The Ins and Outs of Tinder VIP

Tinder Select is a premium version of the smash hit dating app that has changed the way millions find love. This improved version works by front loading its ranks with highly in-demand users. This means that if you are a member, you’ll be able to swipe right on some of the most gorgeous, physically attractive and wealthy members in your region. Since this is Tinder for celebrities, after all, you’ll also be granted a flashy ‘S’ logo and blue border on the app that only other Select members can see.

How Does Tinder Select Actually Work?

This is a question on so many people’s minds, much like the ‘Is she on Tinder?’ or ‘Is he on Tinder?’ questions that lurk in the hearts of every dedicated partner who’s suspecting foul play.

Here’s how it all works. Members of the Tinder Select Secret app enjoy a modified algorithm that stacks the odds hugely in their favor. If you have received an invite, more people will be shown on your profile, and the calibre of these singles tends to be much, much higher than that of the average user. According to Business Insider’s Natham Mcalone, “It feels like some giant Cupid is sitting on your side of the scale!”

Aside from this unique algorithm, Tinder Select is very similar to the regular version of the app. There are no special virtual VIP rooms that the rich and glamorous get to hang out in. There aren’t any special search tools or the likes, either. You just get to enjoy a better dating experience, and a glimpse of many tempting users, through the app.

Can I (or My Partner) Join Tinder Select?

Here’s the thing. To enter the wonderful world of celebrity Tinder, in most cases you’ll have to be extremely rich, as famous as the Kardashians, or at the very least, incredibly good looking. The aim of the game, according to Business Insider, is for Tinder VIP to keep all of its most valuable users happy so that they’ll continue to use it for years around.

Whether or not you’re a top user is determined by the app’s Elo ranking system. The system ranks its members’ desirability based on their interactions with others. Officials claim that the system and your score aren’t simply about the number of ‘Super Likes’ you can garner, but it’s certainly safe to say that swiping right has a big pull on how your rankings turn out.

So, what does that mean for us everyday folks? Well, luckily there is one tiny loophole that could get you in with this magical crowd. Some members of Tinder Select are able to invite others to join this top-secret platform.

Once again, nobody has confirmed how this system really works. However, many TS users have indeed confirmed that they entered the fray by receiving invites from other members. To maintain a hold on quality control, Tinder doesn’t allow invited users to send more invitations of their own, and only the most prized of members are granted this power. However, if you manage to leave an impression with one of these users, you might just score yourself an invitation.

Is Tinder for Celebrities Real?

This is a tricky question, as only those who have been invited onto Tinder Select can know for sure. However, all of the evidence suggests that it is indeed real, although Tinder officials have never officially mentioned it or even acknowledged its existence. When it comes to the secrets of Tinder, this is definitely one of the most well-known. Hundreds of users having revealed their experiences on social media, and even tech experts have gotten in on the action.

Obviously, if your partner is on this exclusive dating platform, it might be tricky to prove it for certain. However, for just $7.49, our Tinder cheating app will confirm once and for all whether or not you beloved has been foraying with models and millionaires on the sly. Don’t keep yourself in the dark any longer – our app can bring you the peace of mind you need!

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