• Basics

  • What is this service?

    Cheaterbuster (Formerly known as Swipebuster or Swipe buster) service helps you find out if people you know are using Tinder, see their full tinder profile, and know when they last swiped!

  • Do I need a Tinder account to use your service?

    No, a Tinder account is not required. Also, you can tell the app where exactly it should look for a person and it will do just that, anywhere in the world.

  • Can anyone use it? what do I need to use it?

    Anyone can use this service, it is open for everyone. All you need is a connection to the internet and valid email address. Our site can not work offline, and it is important you have a stable connection to the internet while using our service. It is also important you provide a valid email address, so you can receive important updates regarding your searches and maintain access to your account.

  • Why is the service not free?

    We charge the minimum needed for us to keep this service working. We update the price once in a while to keep up with the costs of operating this service.

  • Is there any commitment?

    No - Non of our packages requires any kind of commitment or recurring fee of any kind. you will only be charged for the package you choose.

  • Searches & Results

  • How does the search work?

    Once search has been requested, our system will grab the most recent and accurate results available on Tinder for the the search criteria you provided. While the system is doing that, you will be able to look at previous results matching the search criteria. You can always check the status of your search under "My Account" section, as well as the message that appears at the top of the results page if your search is still processing.
    Once the search is over, you will get an email from us with a link to check the results.

  • How long does it take for a search to complete?

    We know that it is important for our users to get the results fast, but we also want to provide you with the most accurate information as possible. For that reason, Search times vary and can have many variables effecting them. We do our best to provide the results within 10 Minutes or less, though in some cases it could take a bit longer. However, a Search should not take more than 40 Minutes. Once search is complete you will get an email about it.

  • How do I place a search?

    We require very few details before placing a search, however all of them are mandatory. They all help us narrow down the search to provide you with the best results.

    What we need to make a successful search: 1. First name - Exactly as it appears on Facebook. It is important that if it has special characters or it is not in latin characters, you put it exactly as it is. please do not include the person last name. 2. Age - Doesn't have to be accurate to the day, but please put age as accurate as you can. Do not put 22 for a person who is 35, but if you are not sure if the person is 23 or 24, don't worry - put what ever you think is closer. 3. Location - this is most important. Please use the map to find the point where you think the person last used Tinder. It can be Office, Hotel, a club, friends house. It is important that you narrow it down as close as possible.

    Once all the information is there, go ahead and place your search. It's that simple!

    Click here to get back to the home page and place a search.

  • How does Expanding / reducing search radius work?

    Expanded search radius is FREE to use on an existing search and would potentially show you more results. You can always use it, but from our experience it’s most useful for places that are not densely populated.

    Reducing search radius is FREE and will show you the default optimized radius that were shown initially. We found that it’s most useful for places that are densely populated.

  • What does "See all results" button do?

    "See all results" button will show you all results in your search area in the age specified, regardless of the name you searched for. In other words, results are not filtered by name.

  • What is a profile update? why does it cost one credit?

    When making a regular search, only limited information is being received on our system. Updating a Tinder profile will yield more information than regular search - it will let you know if that profile is still available on Tinder, or if it has been closed, and get you their latest pictures and profile info (*If available) such as: bio, job, school, etc...

    Updating closed profiles at a later date will show you if they have reopened their accounts. Click here to get back to the profile you were viewing

  • What does "Last profile sync" & "Last found during search" mean, and what is the difference between them?

    "Last profile sync" is the last time any kind of information was fetched for the profile. It can either be during a regular search or during specific profile update, both will update this record.

    "Last found during search" is the last time the profile came up in the results of a regular search in a specific area. When doing a profile update, this date is not updated. This is the best indicator of when an account is active.

    The difference between the two is that "Last found during search" can tell you when the user was last encountered during a search, this is the best indicator of when the account was last active.

    "Last profile sync" will let you know how up-to-date is the information you are seeing in this profile. Even a inactive profiles can have this date updated (As long as the profile is not closed or set to hidden).

    *** We remind you that updating a specific profile yields more information than a regular search, for example - Bio, School, etc... For more information about profile update Click here.

  • How can I know if a Tinder user is still active?

    We recommend using both "Last found during search" & making a profile update to get the best answer to this question. As described here, "Last found during search" will let you know the last time the profile came up in the results of a regular search in a specific area. When doing a profile update, this date is not updated.
    A profile update, As described here, will let you know if the profile is open, closed, or re-opened, and give you latest accurate info like Bio, school and more. we recommend reading about it more by Clicking here

  • Why can't I see some profile pictures?

    When a Tinder user changes his / her picture(s) on Tinder OR when he / she close their Tinder profile, sometimes the old images are deleted. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

  • Payments

  • How can I pay?

    We accept both PayPal and Credit / Debit cards. We also accept PayPal as guests - so you do not need a PayPal account to make a transaction.

  • How long does it take to process a transaction?

    Usually transactions are processed in a matter of seconds. Please allow 10-15 seconds after making a purchase for the credits to be added to your account.

    * Please note, any pending searches will be initiated after a successful transaction and the necessary credits will be deducted

  • I can't complete the transaction using PayPal, what can I do?

    If you tried paying as guest, we recommend opening an account. PayPal is the world largest and most trusted online payment option - having an account with them is safe & secure and strongly recommended.

    If you tried paying with an account or you do not wish to open one, we offer the option of paying directly on our site. It is fast & secure (Our site is using latest SSL encryption and all communications to & from our servers are encrypted), and we do not save any information on our systems at any step of the transaction.

  • I can't complete the transaction using my card, what can I do?

    We recommend using PayPal for your transaction in case your card didn't go through directly on our site. There can me many reasons for why that happened, and it does not mean it will not work with PayPal. We also remind you that PayPal offer the option to checkout as guest, if you do not have an account with them already.

  • I purchased credits but I still don't see them in my account

    If you paid with PayPal:
    1. Make sure you received the success confirmation message after completing the payment on PayPal.
    2. Check your email for any notification from us or PayPal.
    3. Login to your PayPal account and check the status of the transaction there. If it is pending, do not worry - once it is completed your credits will be added to your account automatically.
    4. If all the above steps did not resolve the issue, and you see the transaction is successful on PayPal dashboard, Please contact us at: [email protected] and provide us with the email on your account (if different from the one writing from) and the email used to pay with PayPal, and a detailed description of the issue.

    If you used direct payment with Credit / Debit card:
    1. Make sure you received the success confirmation message after completing the payment.
    2. Please check your mailbox, we might have sent you important information about your transaction. Make sure you check the Spam folder as well.
    3. If the above steps did not resolve the issue, and you see the transaction is successful on your bank statement, Please contact us at: [email protected] and provide us with the email on your account (if different from the one writing from), the Transaction ID (If you saved it), The last 4 digits of the card used and a detailed description of the issue.

  • support

  • How can I contact you?

    For all matters you can email us any time at: [email protected]. We are here to help!

  • What information should I provide you?

    Most importantly please make sure you contact us from the same email address you used to open the account, otherwise we might take additional steps to make sure you are the account owner. If it is not possible (i.e. spelling mistake when opening the account) - please provide the email address as it appears on our records.

    Other information we will need is detailed information about the issue, including screenshots (if applicable), transaction details (if applicable), or any other information you think will be relevant for your case. the more information you provide us, the easier it will be for us to resolve your issue quickly.

  • Privacy

  • Is my information secure?

    Yes - With the exception of email address, we do not save any other information regarding our users. Any additional information collected during the payment process is not saved afterwards. We also do not share and will never share your Email address with anyone.

  • Can I close my account?

    As we mentioned, you account is secure and non of your private information or payment details is saved on our servers, and we recommend to keep your account open otherwise any search history or transactions history will be lost forever. If you still wish to do so, Please contact us at: [email protected]. Please note we can only close the account if you email us from the same address used to open the account.