Our mission

In 2016 a good friend of ours came to us asking "How do I know if my boyfriend is cheating on me?"...

Being 3 tech-savvy friends, we immediately turned to the tech solution for that question. We did some research and found Tinder to be the number 1 app people use to cheat on their partners. And the idea of Cheaterbuster (Formerly known as Swipebuster or Swipe buster) came to life. "Is he/she cheating on me?" is the age old question, but in today's technology we aim to answer the modern version of it - "How do I know if my boyfriend is using Tinder" or "How do I know if my girlfriend is using Tinder".

We've been called many names over time - Tinder searcher, Tinder profile searcher, Tinder buster, Tinder lookup, Tinder search engine, Swipe busters (our favorite) and the list goes on... They all describe Swipebuster, now Cheaterbuster goal - Search in Tinder. Is it Swipebuster Or Swipe buster? Well... Both!

How accurate is Cheaterbuster (Formerly Swipe buster)?

We've put A LOT of thought into the system, making sure we can be as accurate as possible matching results to our clients search criteria. We kept on improving our system and our algorithm until we got to 97%-99% accuracy. And it's not just us saying that - we invited reporters and external reviewers to do a Swipe buster review. They all found it extremely useful & accurate. Good morning America gave our system 99% accuracy score:

Cheaterbuster 99% accurate

Click here To watch the full Good morning America Swipebuster, now Cheaterbuster review on our homepage.

What makes Cheaterbuster special?

As mentioned above - we are all tech-savvy. we love technology and that is what drives us. Therefore we work hard keeping this site up-to-date, changing, tweaking, updating, modifying - to make sure that throughout time the site's 99% accuracy remains intact, while delivering you the results as fast as possible.

This is the secret of Cheaterbuster - our system grows & adapts to our clients needs and Tinder's changes. Making a Tinder search or Tinder profile search is a complicated task - we call it finding a needle in a haystack, how else would you call finding one person in a huge database of millions of Tinder users? yet we strive for perfection at all times and make sure that if your needle is in that haystack - you will find it.

How does Tinder profiles search work?

For each & every search placed on Cheaterbuster the system will grab the latest information from Tinder, making it a real Tinder profile search. The trick and where we deliver best results - is knowing what information to grab that will answer our users search criteria. This task is where our constantly updating algorithm comes into action.

Is Cheaterbuster free?

Unfortunately no. We wish we could have provided Cheaterbuster as a free product, Or at least offer a Cheaterbuster free alternative, but unfortunately servers are not free. As we want to be the best - being best comes with a cost. Having a free alternative would have meant much slower and completely inaccurate system - delivering search results at more than 10 times than it takes now, with 30%-40% accuracy. And that is not our mission. we charge only what we need to make sure the consistent stable, fast and accurate functioning of the site, and adjust prices when we can or when we need to keep up with all those mentioned changes.

Is there a Cheaterbuster alternative?

Short answer - Probably yes. Long answer - Probably not. If it's Swipe buster free alternative you are looking for, be aware of scammers. If they are real or not we do not know, Specially those who claim to be a free option, as we find it hard to believe those alternatives (Free or Payed) offer anything close to our 99% accuracy tag line. So Probably there are alternatives out there, but we know for a fact they lack the years of experience and constant upgrades to their system, Thus it is extremely unlikely they can offer what we aim and strive to.