FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER What’s in a name? Swipe Buster, Swipebuster, or Cheaterbuster. I decided to write this post to tell our users a little bit about the importance of a name, especially for an online product (app, website, etc). When we launched the site we decided to call ourselves Swipebuster to use a descriptive name of what our site does. This would make it easy for people to understand the product. For some reason, a large portion of the media who covered us decided to call it “Swipe Buster”. That is two words instead of one. You could think of this as inconsequential, but has actually turned out to be a huge problem. It created confusion for people[…]

FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER Hi guys, first of all we are sorry if you couldn’t find us. We had a rebrand which included changing our site, layout, content and URL. We had to do this rebrand in order to keep offering you our service and along with it we will be launching new stuff we are sure you will love! So the answer to your question, is Swipebuster down? Is a resounding NO! What’s happened to Swipebuster? Does Swipebuster still work? Where is the Swipebuster login? The answers to all those questions is the same, Swipebuster (or swipe buster as some people call us)  is now new and improved! If you have any questions our new email is [email protected], but in the meantime I[…]

FIND ANY ONE ON TINDER How Tinder Works To go straight to finding someone on Tinder click here… to learn more about this subject continue reading… The dating game, from the times of Romeo and Juliet, has always been about the romantic desire to find that perfect match, that everlasting love, that significant other.  It’s an innate part of human nature. Today, the way we work and communicate has been totally revolutionized by the internet.  In more recent years, the way we play too has been revolutionized by the internet, and more specifically by a dating app, Tinder. Launched in 2012, unless you have been hibernating under a stone,  this omnipresent, social media app is known the world over. Its[…]